15, infp-t 4w5, asd

Just your average tired art student (cvpm)

Former Warrior Cats and emodog artist

"if sky's the limit then shoot for the stars!"

FRA/ENG . Timezone: CET . AFK on tuesdays

Hello there, I'm Toxicc, but mostly everyone calls me Leon!
I'm not super good at socializing, and I can be very awkward at times
My very main kin is Hanako from TBHK, if you wanna know!

toyhouse . linktree . to do list


MysteriesSpaceElectronicsToo many things..

Art status

Commissions: noTrades: no/askRequests: noOther: never


TBHK (main)wilbur/twt/UndertalePokemon

DNI if

your account contains lots of things relating to childe/tartaglia from genshin impactyou're anti mcytsyou're a nsfw accountoften uses "furry language" ("uwu/owo", *boop/hug*, etc)

Good to know byf

I tend to make typos and shorten words (I type quickly)I may not always get sarcasm or jokes, pls be patient :,DI get tired very easily, I may take time to replyI can use tone indicators, just ask, idm! /gen

you can call me like that!

toxicc/toxic/tox etc...leonjifeuille/feufeuillehanako

do NOT call me like that!

pet names (unless close friends)old usernames (unless friends)honorifics (ma'am/sir, etc)irl name